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Various hand cut and decorated wooden boxes from Petalpost Creations.

We are passionate about creating wonderful handmade wooden gifts that are useful, unique, and decorative. Wood is such a warm, beautiful, versatile, and interesting material to work with, and there are so many useful and practical things that can be made from it. Being able to hand craft with wood really drives our creative process, so you will continually see new items added to our store.

All woods have their own textures and hues which give character to the unique items that we make. Surface finishing of our products involves the use of a large variety of coatings, such as premium stains, glazes, sealers, paints, or varnishes. Finally, each of the finishes that are applied to each project may involve different techniques. Add in any adornments or accessories to the final product, and all of this taken together can make your gift truly one of a kind.

We have chosen a selection of products and variations that we believe our shoppers will enjoy, but is by no means a complete listing of the possibilities. Some of the items you will find on our Products page are:

  • Candle Holders
  • Rustic Wooden Boxes
  • Creative Seasonal Decorations

If you would like to have one of our products made with a specific wood preference, or certain finish or paint option not offered in our store, we may be able to accommodate your custom order. If you would like to add custom decorations or personalize an item, we can probably handle those requests as well. Even if you have an idea for a custom build that is not offered on our site or would like to incorporate a custom floral arrangement into a woodworking design we would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

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